New Monthly Inspection Form in Utah

State Seal of UtahThe Utah Division of Environmental Response and Remediation (DERR) recently simplified its UST Operator Inspection form, which the Class B operator must use to keep track of his or her required monthly inspections at the facility. This new form was approved and put into use in January of this year. You can download the new UST Operator Inspection form here and you can also download the DERR's instructions for using the form.If you are a Class B operator in Utah, you might be thinking, "Great, another form to fill out" - but we can help! PASS has been working to integrate state-specific forms--including the new Utah inspection form--into PASS Tools, so that all inspection and compliance data you enter will automatically populate the appropriate forms. Not only will you avoid manually filling out forms, you will also have all necessary documentation in a secure place, ready to print at a moment's notice.If you don't have the time or personnel to keep on top of inspections, we have you covered. PASS Inspection Services employs a nationwide network of professionals who can inspect your facilities for you using PASS Tools. Since PASS Tools is cloud-based, you can check on inspection progress from anywhere, whether your facilities are in the same city or across the country.

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