Working Hard to Keep Your Data Safe

Here at PASS we always take our customers' privacy seriously - just take a look at my colleague's post from last week. That being said, I wanted to take a second and quickly share an update we've recently put in place to help keep your information safe.As of last week, we implemented SSL on our marketing site, We've always used encryption with PASS Tools and the PASS LMS, and decided it was time to get our marketing site up to par.SSL encryption is crucial when you are sharing sensitive information, like when entering your credit card to make a purchase, so I also wanted to share with you how you can quickly ensure that your connection to a website is protected and secure.SSL ExamplesThe first thing to look for is the green padlock. This is proof that the connection between your web browser and the web server is correctly encrypted.If you see a company name in green with a padlock, like in this case above where you see the name "Thawte," this means the people who operate the website have taken extra steps to prove who they are and this gives even more credibility to the authenticity of the site.  This is called an Extended Validation Certificate and we've gone through these extra steps to ensure the most security possible on all of our websites and services.

The key thing I want you to take away from this today is that if you don't see the padlock and the website is asking for credit card numbers or any other sensitive information, don't do it. Your information could be intercepted and compromised.

Make sure that every company that has earned  your business takes every step possible to keep your information safe and secure.

TechnologyKyle Keesling