Top 8 Most Common UST Violations

In its October 23, 2015 Weekly Bulletin, the Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association released some interesting stats regarding some of the most common UST violations experienced by their members in 2015.  Many of them are the usual suspects, but I found it interesting that three of them were actually related to Operator Training. Check it out.

  1. Release Prevention:  spill buckets not cleaned and maintained—1,272 violations
  2. Operator Training:  specifically, failure to perform Quarterly Inspections—1,159 violations
  3. Release Detection (tank):  specifically, failure to perform monthly monitoring via the ATG—1,145 violations
  4. Operator Training: this time for failure to have Emergency Response Procedures—984 violations
  5. Operator Training, again: this time for failing to have an Operations & Maintenance Plan—939 violations
  6. Failure to maintain leak detection on piping
  7. Failure to conduct annual tests
  8. Failure to maintain financial responsibility, and/or report it to the OSFM

UST Violations by Category2015

Most Common UST Violations - Illinois

Now that might not sound like much on its own, but if you add up the number of violations you actually get a pretty surprising picture:  73% of all violations tracked were related to operator training!

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