Cleanliness and Customer Satisfaction

In the business world, customer perception of a company is a big deal.  This is definitely true  in the competitive convenience store market.  If a customer is unhappy with your facility, he or she can just go to the next store down the block.  Studies done on the convenience store industry show that cleanliness is the highest-rated factor by customers, but it is viewed as the rarest attribute.  Just think about it.  Gas station restrooms do not have the best reputation for cleanliness and as it turns out, the restroom isn't the only place you need to worry about germs.I came across an article from titled "How Cleanliness Drives Sales," which highlights this fact and gives some of the germiest places at a typical C-Store.  (I will note that this article is sponsored  by a cleaning product company and neither myself nor PASS endorse their products, however, the points they make are legitimate.)Just as maintaining a clean facility shows customers you care, there are other things you can do to show your commitment and concern for the community you serve.  One of the big things you can do is stay on top of your environmental compliance requirements.  This can lessen or even prevent spills from escaping into the surrounding soil and water and spare you from massive cleaning and remediation costs.  Not to mention, it can keep you from becoming "that company" that polluted the neighborhood.  If you need help with these responsibilities, PASS offers our cloud-based inspection and compliance management system, PASS Tools.  For more information about PASS Tools, check out our website or give us a call at (866) 735-0201. 

GeneralRaymond Rees