Reflexive Quizzing

According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, reflexive is an adjective referring to an action which is "directed or turned back on itself."  This is the word we chose to describe the quizzing model used in our online operator training courses, thus, reflexive quizzing.

When we think of a quiz, we likely think of a sheet of paper or computer screen which poses questions for us to answer within a set period of time.  Rarely does a quiz provide us with immediate feedback on incorrect answers; if it does, that feedback is probably limited to a brief "Correct" or "Incorrect."  Rarer still is the quiz that provides opportunities to review the material following an incorrect answer, unless the quiz is open book.  Neither of these options seems conducive to long-term comprehension and recall of important information.PASS' UST operator training quizzes provide students with both feedback and opportunity for review.  If a student answers one of our quiz questions incorrectly, he or she receives an immediate response that quiz_redirectthe answer is incorrect.  Our LMS then redirects to the specific page(s) of training content containing the correct answer.  The student can review the information at his or her own pace, then try answering the question again.  In addition, a student must answer each quiz question correctly (after reviewing the applicable course content, if necessary) before moving on to the next course chapter.We know that many online training programs (including UST operator training programs) do not employ this method.  In fact, students may never know which quiz questions they missed and, more importantly, which material they need to review.  To us, this quizzing model encourages brief, rote memorization rather than comprehension and information retention.  When we're dealing with protection of human health and the environment, however, comprehension and information retention are not just preferable--they're essential.We think you'll agree.Try PASS today! →