Ohio’s Tobacco 21 law goes into effect October 17

Muncie, IN - October 17th is the day! Ohio will be implementing a new tobacco law that moves the legal tobacco and vape purchasing age from 18 to 21.

This new minimum age law has now been picked up by 18 states throughout the United States. PASS Training & Compliance provides a National Tobacco Seller training that can easily educate employees on new federal tobacco laws and regulations.

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act enforces how tobacco products are sold and distributed to customers. PASS training and the Tobacco Control Act teach how to keep tobacco and tobacco-related products out of the hands of children.

In 1980 the minimum age of purchasing tobacco products was 16 and then that was raised to 18 in 1987. Now states are slowly raising that minimum age to 21. The health of the youth is important. The human body continues growing until the age of 21, full adulthood.

PASS’s Tobacco Seller Training will educate how to:

  • Describe the regulations placed on the manufacture, production, marketing, advertising, and promotion of cigarettes, and other tobacco-related products.

  • Examine the numerous health risks associated with cigarette smoking and the use of tobacco-containing products.

  • Identify how children should be protected from cigarette and tobacco-related promotions.

  • Describe the proper procedures for carding people who appear to be underage before selling tobacco products to them.

  • Explain e-cigarettes and the current lack of laws surrounding this new "alternative" to smoking.

  • Define the dangers involved in smoking e-cigarettes, and learn about the concerns shared by the American Lung Association, FDA, and Centers for Disease Control regarding e-cigarettes.

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