PASS Training & Compliance Now Offering Newly Revised A/B Operator Training in Illinois

Muncie, IN - PASS, which offers A/B and C UST Operator Training courses nationwide, has now released a newly revised version of their  A/B Illinois operator training acceptable by Illinois regulators.

This training includes updates to reflect newly changed state and federal regulations and is available online now at .  Students will be trained: to recognize system components, to monitor and maintain release detection and release prevention equipment, to prepare for and respond to an emergency, to ensure proper financial responsibility, to properly register equipment and have it installed according to regulation, and to inspect and properly close sites if needed.  The training is self-guided and includes quizzes and examinations designed to ensure learning and retention. Students will receive certificates of completion and these are available online at any time, and for printing to display at the proper facilities.

Questions about group pricing and other inquiries can be directed to Raymond R. Rees, PASS Chief Officer of Operations, at