Mississippi Training Updated for A/B Operators

The state of Mississippi has approved the PASS training for A/B operators effective immediately. In Mississippi A/B operators are “Compliance Managers,” and C operators, “Clerks,” but for the purpose of the training they are designated A/B operators and C operatorsDue to new EPA Underground Storage Tank (UST) regulations, which go into effective Oct. 13, 2018, all states had to update their regulations to conform to federal regulations at a minimum. Many states, including Mississippi, took this opportunity to update their own regulations also.Mississippi’s PASS Training is current and ready to be accessed for Mississippi A/B Operators, and you can view our entry on the approved courses list here.The Mississippi training contains both state and federal regulations. Those taking the test will be certified after they pass the training and that certification will be available online to be printed out. This certification will be recognized by the state of Mississippi.View on the Marketplace →

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