PASS Trainings are Being Updated to Comply With New EPA and State Regulations

PASS Training and Compliance is in the process of integrating new individual state Underground Storage Tank (UST) regulations with updated EPA rules. EPA rules, adopted in 2015, go into effect Oct. 13, 2018.  Individual states have completed their updates or are in the process.EPA rules stipulate that states must, at a minimum, comply with federal regulations. Many states have more stringent rules than the EPA. Several states, such as Illinois, had regulations in place that already comply with the new EPA rules.In most states, current certifications and those issued in the interim are honored until new testing is in place then the certifications are valid until retraining is mandated or there is a violation. Check with state regulators if unsure.PASS training structure is simple and easy to follow. The test is straightforward, with questions designed to enforce important informationEPA rules are the backbone of PASS training, with state-specific information inserted in each training. Every PASS chapter also contains questions specific to both federal and local regulations. The test also includes state-specific forms and information available to print out and use.State regulators review PASS training, and either approve or suggest edits.PASS tests offer convenience because they are online 24/7 and afford test-takers the ability to take the test at any location they choose. After taking and completing PASS Training, test takers are issued a certificate that meets state requirements.In addition to the inexpensive tests for A/B owner and operators, PASS has a comprehensive training for C operators with specific information about the basics of a facility, and how to respond to emergencies. This training also includes certification.For further information about PASS Training, check out our Training Marketplace.Visit the PASS Training Marketplace →