An issue has been identified at our suppliers which leads us to request that you immediately stop the sale of OPW swivel connector models 241 TPS Series and 36S with stamped manufacture dates between January 2013 and March 2017. This applies to 3/4 and 1 inch swivels. The specific models and date codes are listed on the Recall Alert as well as a list of the specific parts numbers affected.We have identified a concern with a retaining rod used in the affected swivel connectors. In certain rare cases, the retaining rod may not perform as expected, resulting in unintended separation at the swivel connections, presenting a risk of fuel spillage. Additionally, while regulations and warnings prohibit the presence of ignition sources at the pump, there is a potential fire hazard if an ignition source is nevertheless present. Because the quality and safety of our products is paramount, we are stopping sales and initiating a voluntary recall of all potentially affected swivels, effective immediately.This communication pertains only to the specific swivels and hose kits identified on the Recall Alert and does not pertain to other OPW swivel models or products. 



  1. Alert Your OPW Swivel Customers. Please immediately forward the Recall Alert directly to all of your customers who may have purchased OPW swivels or hose kits. Please urge your customers to immediately remove or replace the affected swivels and register for the recall by phone or website so that OPW can directly ship replacement swivels to them.
  2. Stop Your Sales of Affected Swivels. Please immediately stop all sales, distribution, installation, and use of the affected swivels listed in the Recall Alert. Please check your current inventory and isolate and tag any affected swivels or hose kits in your possession.
  3. Contact OPW to Confirm Compliance and Arrange a Return and Credit. Please verify your compliance with steps 1 and 2 above by emailing your Customer Service Representative or calling 1-800-422-2525. At that time you may obtain an RMA and arrange for the return of your affected swivels and hose kits to OPW for a credit.  This is only for unused swivels you may have on your shelf.  Even if you do not have any affected swivels or hose kits in your inventory, it is important that we hear from you and confirm you have communicated the recall to your swivel customers.

 We plan to upgrade the 241 TPS Series and 36S models with a new and different retaining rod. The new models will be clearly identified with a “Star” pattern stamped on the swivel body as well as a “Star” on the packaging.  In the meantime, we are offering the OPW Model 45 hose swivel as an alternative for you and your customers.If you have questions or would like to speak directly to an OPW representative regarding the recall, please contact our team at 1-800-422-2525.If your customers wish to receive replacement swivels, they can register for the recall using the https://OPWSwivelRecall.expertinquiry.com website or by calling 1-866-562-5931.  Please visit the website for additional call in numbers outside of the US.We regret this inconvenience to you and appreciate your patience as we work through this process. Thank you for your continued support of OPW Products.

GeneralRaymond Rees