PASS Support Center Opens its Doors!


After weeks of preparation,  we would like to announce the launch of our brand new PASS Support Center!

We know you have questions, and we want getting the answers to be as fast and as easy as possible for you.  So we created the PASS Support Center to help you access the most frequently asked questions and their answers.  We based these articles on common questions asked of our customer support team, so we know these are issues that many of you have.  If you don't find the answer you need, you can post your own question.  We have divided the PASS Support Center into 3 different sections.  

Training - General Help

In this section you can find information about general help topics like How to Purchase Training, How to Reset Your Password, and many more.

Help Guides for Facility Administrators

In this section you can find information specific to Facility Administrators.  Topics include How to Assign Training to a Student, Reports you can View or Print, and many more.

Help Guides for Company Administrators

In this section you can find information specific to Company Administrators.  Topics include How to Reset a Students Password, How to Add a Student, How to Add a Facility and many more.

Each section covers a different user type in our system:  student/user, facility admin, and company admin.  Each section includes an article about the Dashboard or home screen specific to that user type.  The article breaks down each Dashboard and the features available to each user type.  This would be helpful for admins who want to have an idea of what their students' screens look like.  We put a lot of effort into providing clear, step-by-step answers enhanced by screenshot images to guide you through each process.

We hope that you find the PASS Support Center to be helpful and easy to use.  To access the Support Center, click the click the [bs_label type="info"]  Support [/bs_label]  link in your dashboard when you are logged in to our system.  You may also ask a question by clicking here or by clicking Post A Public Question in the Support Center.

Visit the PASS Support Center →