NEW Connecticut UST Operator Training Courses

[bs_well size="lg"]NEW Connecticut UST Operator Training Courses Approved and Available[/bs_well]Connecticut UST Operator Training

PASS' new and improved Connecticut UST operator training courses (Class A/B and Class C) have recently been approved by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).  How are they "new" and "improved," you might ask?  Here's the scoop.

  • We have completely rewritten these courses from the ground up, eliminating unnecessary and redundant pages and presenting the information in concise, readable text.
  • We have incorporated Connecticut-specific regulations from RCSA 22a-449(d)-108(b), specific requirements (such as notification and temporary and permanent closure requirements), and forms (Certification of Financial Responsibility, UST Monthly Visual Inspection Report, and others).

And remember, if your company requires you to take the International Code Council (ICC) exams for A/B certification, you can use the new PASS course to help you prepare for the exams.  For more information, visit our ICC exam page.Also, summer will be here soon (we hope!), which means boating and water activities.  If you own a marina on any of Connecticut's miles of coastline, you should check out our add-on courses for Class A/B and Class C UST operators at marina facilities.  While these courses do not provide operator certification and are designed to be taken in addition to our standard A/B and C courses, they do provide specific information about safe boat fueling practices, marina-specific clean-up procedures, and more.If you are a Class A or B operator in Connecticut, remember that you are required to conduct a monthly visual inspection of each UST system for which you are designated.  The results of each inspection must be recorded on a UST Monthly Visual Inspection Report and maintained at the UST facility for at least three years.  In addition, every three years DEEP will conduct a compliance inspection of each UST facility, and you will need to ensure that your paperwork is in order when that happens.  PASS Tools can help you record the results of your inspections on the state form, maintain all of your required records, schedule inspections, and send you reminders about important tasks.  All of this is available to you through PASS, so try us today!Get Started →