UST Operator Certificate Verification

PASS Operator Certificate Verification Keeps Your Training on TrackUST Operator Certificate Verification

Verifying operator training certificates from different states does not have to be a major challenge.  Large companies should know that there is one national training solution that will help them keep track of training certificates across the country:  PASS.PASS introduced our Training Certificate Verification tool in 2014.  To use it, simply click on Resources at the top of our home page and select Certificate Verification or enter in your browser.  Enter the number you see in the bottom right corner and click Verify.  You will see the certificate ID number followed by the student's name, the course taken, the status (Completed, Expired, or Retired), and the start, completion, and expiration dates.  This is helpful not only for company administrators but for state inspectors wanting to check and validate operator training certificates.  It's one more way PASS has been helping customers keep their training on track.PASS Certificate Verification →