Importance of Walk-Through Inspections

PASS has been pressing the importance of walk-through inspections by trained UST operators for years.  That is why we created our powerful inspection software, PASS Tools.

In the latest edition of the PEI Journal, I came across an article called "How Can My UST System Be Leaking When I Have Leak Protection?" by Brad Hoffman.  I wanted to share this article with you because I believe that Mr. Hoffman does a great job mentioning some of the many things that can happen to your UST system to undermine the effectiveness of your leak protection mechanisms.  It really highlights the fact that even with all of the regulations put into place over the last 20+ years to prevent or minimize releases and all of the advancements in equipment technology, the best line of defense to prevent major leaks is a proactive UST operator who is conducting walk-through inspections of his or her facility.Although the federal regulations requiring monthly walk-through inspections do not take effect until October 2018, it is never too soon to start performing them at your facility.  You can save yourself a lot of headache, not to mention money, by catching system failures early before they become large scale remediation efforts.  If you would like more information about PASS Tools, please visit our website or contact us!