West Virginia UST and AST Operator Training and Compliance News

Good News for West Virginia UST and AST Operators!West Virginia UST and AST Operator State Seal

PASS' West Virginia UST and AST Operator training courses have recently been reviewed and reapproved by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP).  With the reapproval date approaching, we took the opportunity to substantially revise both of these courses.  In particular, the new West Virginia Class A/B course includes:

  • Information on recently-added AST requirements;
  • More downloadable documents, including the 2015 revision of the EPA's publication Musts for USTs, the WVDEP's version of Operating and Maintaining Underground Storage Tank Systems, and useful WVDEP guidance documents on AST registration and delivery prohibition;
  • More state-specific forms, including the UST System Installation Request and Notification for Underground Storage Tanks forms;
  • Citations to West Virginia's UST/AST regulations (Underground Storage Tank Act §22-17 and the Underground Storage Tank Rule §33 CSR 30) throughout the course; and
  • More quiz and exam questions on state-specific requirements, including those regarding UST certified workers and red tag/delivery prohibition procedures, among others.

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PASS Tools Can Help You Navigate New AST Compliance Requirements

The West Virginia Above Ground Storage Tank Act was signed into law in 2014 and amended in 2015.  In part, the Act requires that owners/operators of ASTs in West Virginia register their ASTs with the WVDEP and submit a Spill Prevention Response Plan (SPRP) to the WVDEP.   In addition, each AST must have been evaluated by a qualified professional and certification of that evaluation sent to the WVDEP no later than December 14, 2015 and must be reevaluated and recertified every year thereafter.  The WVDEP has already started enforcing these requirements and many ASTs have been taken out of service due to non-compliance.  If you own or operate an AST in West Virginia and need help keeping your inspection data and facility information current, PASS Tools can help!  PASS Tools is equipped with specialized AST inspection profiles which you can access and use from any internet-connected device, including smartphones and tablets.  Using PASS Tools, you can easily print out your AST information and the required SPRP!Find out how PASS Tools can help →