Coming Soon to PASS Tools

Our team has been hard at work on some improvements to the PASS Tools inspection flow we think you'll really like. These updates should be available to everyone here in the next few weeks. Let's go through a quick rundown.

Instant Save

Instant Save

Soon inspection questions will be saved as soon as you select an answer. You'll see a small save indicator and then a green checkmark when it's done. This makes for a much simpler inspection flow and ensures you don't lose any data along the way.

Slideover Nav

Better Navigation

The slideover navigation was a hit when we first implemented it last year. With that said, we knew there were still ways to improve upon it. Our newest update will let inspectors drill down to the exact spot in the inspection that they need in one action, all in one step, rather than going through multiple page loads.

Page Load/Performance Improvements

We put together a ton of under-the-hood improvements that make the inspection much snappier, which will be really great when you're at that one facility in the middle of nowhere with one-half bar of cell reception :)

 As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions as to how we can continue to make our product better for you.

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