Overlooked Features of passtesting.com

From my experiences talking with our customers, it seems that there are a few helpful features on our site that get missed or overlooked.  I would just like to highlight these things that you may not know about!

PASS Support Forum

The PASS Support Forum was launched about 6 months ago.  It consists of step-by-step help guides that show how to do some of the basic operations of our Learning Management System such as:

  • Adding new students
  • Purchasing training courses
  • Managing facilities

Check out the Support Forum

State-Specific Requirements & Availability page

We try to highlight this page as much as we can because it can be very useful for finding UST Operator Training information.  If your company operates in multiple states, it can be tough trying to remember what is required in which state.  Our Education Director, Dr. Laura Swartz, wrote an article last month on this very topic!View Our State-Specific Requirements & Availability Page

Training Certificate Verification

This one is definitely more for our state regulator and inspector friends out there.  If you go to passtesting.com/verify, you can enter in the certificate number from the bottom right corner of a certificate to make sure that the certificate is valid and was issued to the person who is referenced on it.  While certificate fraud has not seemed to be a big issue, it gives you a place to check if something doesn’t seem right.Certificate Verification Tool

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