To Link, or not To Link

Some of you wlink2ho have taken a PASS UST operator training course may have noticed that while we include website URLs (for state UST programs, for example) in our courses, we do not use live hyperlinks.  There are two main reasons for this that I would like to share with you.First, we know that not all company servers and firewalls are configured the same.  Some companies use a firewall that prevents you from leaving an approved domain (e.g., the company website).  Your company's system may restrict access to non-company related websites, or prevent access to them altogether.  Your server(s), bandwidth, computers, and/or browsers may not be able to handle heavy internet usage.  Your system may get hinky about opening websites through other websites.Second, URLs change.  Links go dead or become invalid all the time.  A state UST program may move to another department or agency, thereby acquiring a new web address and rendering the previous URL obsolete.  As many of us know, we don't always find out that a hyperlink is invalid until we try to use it.  Any of these situations could prevent a trainee from being able to access important operator information.We do, however, offer EPA publications and state forms as downloads in our courses.  How is this different?  These documents are saved to our servers and will remain on our servers throughout any changes.  We can vouch for them always being there and available for you.linkThe bottom line is this:  we strive to make our training courses frustration-free.  We read federal and state UST regulations and summarize the important information you need to know to perform your duties as a UST operator.  We gather useful forms and documents into our File Locker so they are easily accessible when you need them.  We give you the information and materials you need to prepare for the ICC exams, if that's what your state requires.  Directing you to relevant websites is one more way we bring operator training information to you without frustration. Have you trained with us? Get started today →

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