ICC Preparatory Course for Oregon

PASS is ready to help Class A/B operators in Oregon prepare for the ICC exams


In Oregon, Class A/B operators can be certified by taking the International Code Council's (ICC's) national Class A UST System Operator and Class A UST System Operator exams and then doing the following.

  1. Once an operator has passed the ICC exams, he or she must submit a copy of the score report and the operator's phone number to Mitch Scheel at the Oregon DEQ - Land Quality Division, 811 SW Sixth Avenue, Portland, OR 97204. The DEQ will send the operator a copy of the Oregon-specific training manual.
  2. After submitting an affidavit stating that the operator has read and understood the manual, he or she will be in compliance with the training requirement.

Preparing for the ICC exams can be a confusing process, but PASS is here to help!  PASS has developed an online course to help A/B operators in Oregon prepare to take these exams.  As with all of our ICC preparatory courses, this course provides you with:

  1. Website addresses for the UST/AST Examination Information Bulletin, the ICC’s website, and the Pearson VUE website;
  2. Downloadable versions of the non-copyrighted exam reference materials;
  3. Information on how to obtain copyrighted exam reference materials, such as those from the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI);
  4. Information on how to organize the reference materials for use during the exam; and
  5. Information on how to register for an exam.

This course does not provide A/B operator certification upon completion, but does offer you the tools you need to prepare for the ICC exams.Learn About Our ICC Prep Courses →