Buzz Words

Seems that terms like "Cloud," "Internet of Things," "SaaS," and other forms of jargon have entered into the mainstream. Like a lot of buzzwords, the meanings can get confusing. Most companies will throw these words at you at an alarming rate with no context as to what they are trying to sell. It seems like a flash and dazzle approach to selling you something. Like this video here... UST/AST industry is seeing a software revolution in "Cloud" based applications. More and more companies are producing this type of software. Along with this wave of high tech updates comes buzzword marketing. I'm here to tell you not to be fooled by it. You need to know what it is you're looking for. You need to understand the value in software. But you also need to know who you can trust. Does trust come from hearing, "This product will quantify alignment and demonstrate viral performance in value add"?

Real people who innovate--who create change--don't use made-up words that are designed to give the appearance of some understanding greater than yours. The most effective people I've met have the simple ability to communicate effectively. This also speaks to the companies they work for. Don't be fooled by our competition--they will buzzword you to the point you're left spinning. If you want someone you can trust, call PASS. I'll walk you through what we have to offer and speak plain English. I also guarantee that we (PASS) have the best people and produce the best tools on the market and I'm willing to prove it--in simple English, with no smoke and mirrors. Call me today and ask for a demo of what PASS Tools Compliance and Inspection software or our Learning Management System will do.

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