A Reminder About Retraining

Many states require that UST operators be retrained on a regular basis.  When you train with PASS, you will receive notifications that your operator trainings are about to expire along with information on how to sign up for retraining.  If you use PASS Tools™, our new inspection and compliance suite, all of your training, retraining, inspection, maintenance, and repair documentation will be available to you in one convenient location.The following chart lists required retraining frequencies for many states.  Please note that this does not include retraining requirements for facility non-compliance.




Alaska Every year
Arizona Every 3 years Every 3 years
California Every 2 years Every 2 years
Connecticut Every 2 years
Georgia Every 7 years
Hawai`i Every 5 years Every 2 years
Illinois Every 2 years Every 2 years
Kansas Every 4 years
Maine Every 2 years
Michigan Every 5 years
New Hampshire Every 2 years
New Mexico Every 5 years
Oklahoma Every 3 years Every 3 years
Pennsylvania Every year
Rhode Island Every 5 years
Texas Every 3 years Every 3 years
Vermont Every 2 years Every 2 years
GeneralRaymond Rees