Class A/B and C Trainings Approved in Hawai`i!

Hawaii State SealPASS is pleased to announce that our Class A/B and Class C UST operator training courses are approved in Hawai`i.  Governor Abercrombie recently signed Hawai`i's UST regulations, and they went into effect on August 9, 2013.  Owners/operators of UST facilities in Hawai`i have 120 days from that date to designate their Class A, B, and C operators.  Specifically, at least one Class A and Class B operator must be designated for each UST tank or system by December 9, 2013.  You can submit this information to the Department of Health using the Initial UST Operator Designation form, which you can access here.Our Hawai`i courses cover all of the federal regulations and have been customized to address Hawai`i's specific requirements.  These include the requirement that Class A and Class B operators must be retrained every five years and Class C operators must be retrained every year.  If your company has facilities in Hawai`i, keep PASS in mind for your UST operator training needs.What are you waiting for? Register today! →