PASS now offers the ability to deliver all of our UST Operator Training catalog directly through any LMS system that supports AICC, allowing us to be the only company to offer a UST Operator Training LMS integration that supports not only Class C, but also Class A/B.

PASS Training - UST Operator Training LMS IntegrationAICC is a standard that, along with SCORM, allows companies to deliver multiple types of training, directly inside of their own learning management system (LMS). We’ve worked hard over the past year to package our trainings using the AICC standard so that customers who would like to use their own LMSs can still use PASS training materials that are available through our own cloud-based LMS.

Here’s how it works:

  1. PASS configures/creates your account in the PASS LMS
  2. You identify which trainings you would like to offer inside of your LMS
  3. PASS generates custom AICC packages that are uniquely tied to your LMS system
  4. Any manager of your LMS system can load these AICC packages just as they would any other SCORM-based trainings
  5. The trainings are now available within your LMS just as any other training would be

The best part of all this? We offer this integration for free! You only pay for the trainings that your employees actually take. We just send one simple invoice at the end of every month. Volume discounts may also apply. So what are you waiting for?

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