If you have unique needs for your employees’ operator training, PASS offers customized classroom trainings, specific to your company’s needs.  In addition, we also periodically coordinate general training sessions across the country, for those who prefer a more hands-on approach.

PASS Classroom Training Basics

  1. When you contact us, we will discuss with you your specific training needs, including the number of students, date and time of training, location of training, and information about the location (e.g., size of classroom, set-up, technology available, etc.).  We will then put together a bid proposal detailing the specific costs for your training.
  2. During the actual classroom training session, the instructor uses a computer and projector to display the PASS A/B course and will review the information page by page with the students, answering questions as they arise.
  3. After each chapter of the course has been covered, we take the chapter quiz as a group and discuss the answers.
  4. After we have finished all chapters and quizzes, students take a final exam either on paper or on computers (if available).
  5. The instructor will score the exams on-site and issue certificates to all students who pass.
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