New Resources for UST Regulations Launching Today →

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After months in the making, we are excited to unveil our new State Regulatory Resource Center, a brand new set of resources for UST regulations. Many of you are familiar with our existing state-specific pages, but today we are improving and expanding the information we provide. In addition to tracking regulatory departmental details and the general availability of UST Operator Training,… Read more »

NEW Maryland UST Operator Training Courses →

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PASS’ new and improved Maryland UST operator training courses (Class A/B and Class C) have recently been approved by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).  How are they “new” and “improved,” you might ask?  Here’s the scoop. We have completely rewritten these courses from the ground up, eliminating unnecessary and redundant pages and presenting… Read more »

Updated Checklist for Maryland Class C Operators →

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The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) recently updated its Maryland Class C Underground Storage Tank Operator Facility Checklist.  This checklist documents that the Class A/B operator has shown the Class C operator important components and procedures of the UST facility, for example, the location and operation of the Emergency Shut-Off Switch.  The updated form and instructions… Read more »