Do you own a single wall UST in California? →

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Did you know that all single wall tanks in California were to be permanently closed by the end of 2015? However, the State Water Resources Control Board wants to help with this financial burden. Grants and low interest loans are now available to assist owners/operators in the removal and replacement any remaining single-wall USTs. To get more… Read more »

New Resources for UST Regulations Launching Today →

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After months in the making, we are excited to unveil our new State Regulatory Resource Center, a brand new set of resources for UST regulations. Many of you are familiar with our existing state-specific pages, but today we are improving and expanding the information we provide. In addition to tracking regulatory departmental details and the general availability of UST Operator Training,… Read more »

ICC Exam Preparation for California UST System Operators →

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PASS recently launched a new preparatory course for California UST System Operators taking the ICC exam.  Like our other ICC preparatory courses, the California course includes: Downloads of all exam reference materials which are available without purchase; Information on assembling those materials for use during the exam; and Information on scheduling the exam. In addition to… Read more »