Illinois BASSET Alcohol Training Now Available from PASS

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Illinois BASSET Alcohol TrainingIn cooperation with our partners at Learn2Serve – Illinois’ #1 Provider of BASSET Certification, PASS is pleased to offer Illinois BASSET Alcohol Training.

Features include:

  • 100% online state approved course and exam
  • Immediate printable temporary certificate
  • 3-year official certificate mailed to you


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To get started just sign in to your existing account and you can add purchase this training just as you would any of our UST Operator Training, when creating order, select: Illinois > Alcohol & Foodservice Training > Illinois BASSET Alcohol Training


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Register for an account here, then when creating an order, select Illinois > Alcohol & Foodservice Training > Illinois BASSET Alcohol Training


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Not in Illinois but would like to see us offer Alcohol or Foodservice training in your state? Get in contact with us and we’ll work to make it happen!


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What’s your Class? A Glimpse at UST Operator Certifications

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In 2005 President Bush sigEPAned the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  In Section 9010 of the Solid Waste Disposal Act (SWDA) it stated that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must publish guidelines that specify training requirements for three classes of operators.  And so the Class A, Class B and Class C Underground Storage Tank (UST) operators were born.

The EPA Published the Grant Guidelines To States For Implementing The Operator Training Provision Of The Energy Policy Act of 2005 and it went into effect in August of 2007.  The EPA‘s guidelines break down each class of the UST operators and the minimum training requirements for the states UST program.

Why are Class A & B Operators Typically Always Combined?

In most states, the state specific training requirements group together the Class A and Class B operator to create an A/B operator training.  The reason for this is that these two operators share very similar responsibilities.  Class A or B operators are typically the owner and or the manager of the facility where the UST is located.  The Class A operators are responsible for providing the financial responsibility documents as well as properly operating and maintaining the UST. Class A operators also make sure a good management system is set up for the B operator to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Both Class A and B operators are required to have knowledge of the UST regulatory requirements and providing appropriate records, but only the Class B is in charge of implementing the day to day operation, maintenance and record keeping of the UST.  This includes being familiar with release detection and prevention and all of the components of the UST and monitoring equipment.  Class B is also in charge of making sure everyone that is applicable is trained to properly respond to emergencies.  So if you compare the two you might notice that they have to have training in the same areas, the B operator is just more hands on than the A operator.  I believe that it is a good idea that they are combined into one training so that either an A or a B operator gets the most of their training.

Class C Operators

Class C operator training is required for all other employees who may be in charge of the UST facility.  The main responsibility of the C operator is to know how to respond in a case of an emergency and to notify the Class A or B operator and or emergency responders when necessary.  Class C operators are required to train before they assume responsibility for responding to emergencies.

So now do you know which class you are in?  Still have more questions about Class A/B or C operators?  Check out our FAQ pages!  Click here for Class A or B operator information.  Click here for Class C operator information.  If you would like to read the Grant Guidelines To States For Implementing The Operator Training Provision Of The Energy Policy Act Of 2005 by EPA or would just like some more information about UST’s visit the EPA website.

Florida Sunshine Expo 2016

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PASS at the 2016 Florida Sunshine Expo2016 Florida Sunshine Expo

Raymond from PASS attended the Florida Sunshine Expo last weekend.  Raymond talked with many existing clients and added a few more.  PASS was pleased to partner with Marathon Oil at their booth again this year.  PASS works with Marathon Oil to supply UST Operator Training along with PASS ToolsInspection services.  For those unfamiliar with the Sunshine Expo, here’s some information on its impact and scope for the Florida petroleum industry.

The 2016 Sunshine EXPO is a key destination for the region’s top buyers for c-store chains, grocery stores, major oil, wine, beer and spirits retailers and wholesalers.

The Sunshine State is home to more than 10,400 convenience stores employing more than 156,000 Floridians, with an economic impact of almost $49 billion. An industry this large and this important requires a trade show that supports and enhances these businesses by combining the latest news, technology and opportunities for Florida’s c-store owners and suppliers.

~ The Sunshine EXPO. (2016). Retrieved from

Here are some highlights from 2015! Can’t wait for this year!

PASS Training Accounts Clean-Up

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cleaningDuring a recent clean-up of our PASS Training accounts, we noticed quite a few duplicates, which can cause many problems for all of us.

Multiple Company Accounts

Sometimes students will register a company rather than logging in with their usernames and passwords, creating a second, different account for the company.  A Company account should only be registered once.  If students create a separate Company account and take their trainings under that account, the Company Admin would be unable to view those trainings and certificates.  This could also create an issue if the student called in for customer support and had accounts located in multiple companies.  Ensuring that your students login with the username and password you supply them instead of registering the company again will help with this problem.  However if you would like to set up a student self-registration system for your company, we would be glad to help with that!

Multiple Student Accounts

If you are a Company Admin or Facility Admin you are also a student.  This means that you do not need to have separate Admin and Student accounts.  You could forget you have training under one username/account and redo the training using your other username.  We would like for everyone to have one username and password for our site.

We all make mistakes!  If you notice that you have duplicate students, facility administrators, or facilities please give us a call at 1-866-735-0201 so that we may address this issue for you.  Sometimes we just accidentally add a student twice, or add a facility that was all ready there.  It’s no big deal for us to address these issues so please call and let us help you clean up those messy accounts!

For any questions please feel free to take a look at our brand new PASS Support Center.

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PASS Support Center Opens its Doors!

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After weeks of preparation,  we would like to announce the launch of our brand new PASS Support Center!

We know you have questions, and we want getting the answers to be as fast and as easy as possible for you.  So we created the PASS Support Center to help you access the most frequently asked questions and their answers.  We based these articles on common questions asked of our customer support team, so we know these are issues that many of you have.  If you don’t find the answer you need, you can post your own question.  We have divided the PASS Support Center into 3 different sections.  

Training – General Help

In this section you can find information about general help topics like How to Purchase Training, How to Reset Your Password, and many more.

Help Guides for Facility Administrators

In this section you can find information specific to Facility Administrators.  Topics include How to Assign Training to a Student, Reports you can View or Print, and many more.

Help Guides for Company Administrators

In this section you can find information specific to Company Administrators.  Topics include How to Reset a Students Password, How to Add a Student, How to Add a Facility and many more.

Each section covers a different user type in our system:  student/user, facility admin, and company admin.  Each section includes an article about the Dashboard or home screen specific to that user type.  The article breaks down each Dashboard and the features available to each user type.  This would be helpful for admins who want to have an idea of what their students’ screens look like.  We put a lot of effort into providing clear, step-by-step answers enhanced by screenshot images to guide you through each process.

We hope that you find the PASS Support Center to be helpful and easy to use.  To access the Support Center, click the click the   Support  link in your dashboard when you are logged in to our system.  You may also ask a question by clicking here or by clicking Post A Public Question in the Support Center.

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Is it down for everyone… or just me?

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Pingdom - UST Compliance Software TechnologyOur technology team is always looking for new tools and ways to offer the best products and services possible, which is why we’ve recently started using a service called Pingdom.

Pingdom gives us a ton of insight into the performance and availability of all of our websites and applications. Most of these tools are pretty geeky, so I won’t bore you with the details, but there’s one in particular which is very useful for everyone:

This site shows you the current status of all of our websites and applications, including our partner, MyTankInfo.

Please take a second and check it out, and be sure to let us know what you think.

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New York UST Operators, We’re Curious…

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Hey New York UST Operators…

Seal_of_New_York...we’re curious about your experience taking the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) UST operator exam(s).  As you know, UST Class A, Class B, and Class C operators in the state of New York must be trained and certified no later than October 11, 2016.  The primary way to earn A/B certification in New York is to take and pass the NYDEC’s online UST operator exam(s).  Our blog post from June 10, 2016 explains what those exams entail and what materials are available to help you prepare for the exam(s), while our November 23, 2015 blog post discusses certification via reciprocity.  In my role as PASS’ Education Director, I read through those materials and incorporated all of the New York state-specific information and requirements into our already thorough UST Class A/B operator training course to create an online exam preparation course specifically for New York UST Class A and Class B operators.

Even if you haven’t (yet 😉 ) taken our exam preparation course, we’re curious about your experience taking the New York exam(s).  Please take a moment to take our short survey.  All of the questions are optional so feel free to skip any that don’t apply to you.  The information you provide through this survey is anonymous (unless you choose to provide us your contact details and request that we contact you) and we will use it to fine-tune our exam preparation course.

Want to give our New York exam preparation course a try?
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Arizona’s UST State Lead Non-Corrective Action Program is Taking Applications

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Arizona DEQ

Attention owners of old underground storage tanks (UST) in Arizona:  the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) has launched a new program that will remove these tanks at no cost.  The program will also provide a soil sampling from around the removal site.  This program is being coordinated by the UST State Lead Non-Corrective Action Program.  UST owners, operators, or property owners are eligible to apply.  According to the ADEQ website, applications may be prioritized based on site-specific criteria related to risk and available financial resources in the UST revolving fund that have been allocated for this purpose.  This could not have come at a better time because a recent ADEQ analysis shows that more than 1,000 USTs in Arizona are thirty years old or older.  Aging in USTs increases the risk of leaks or spills into our soil and groundwater.  Removing these old USTs on behalf of people who may not be able to afford to have them removed otherwise will be a great help and another good step forward in protecting our environment.  Another benefit to removing an old UST from a property is that it may also increase the market value of that property.  To learn more about the UST State Lead Non-Corrective Action Program or to fill out an application, visit the ADEQ website at


Florida Sunshine Expo!

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PASS and Marathon at the Florida Sunshine ExpoPASS will be attending the 2016 Florida Sunshine Expo…

July 29th – August 1st at the Orlando World Center Marriott – Orlando, FL. The Sunshine State is home to more than 10,400 convenience stores employing more than 156,000 Floridians, with an economic impact of almost $49 billion. There are lots of factors in this state concerning Training and Inspections. PASS will be in the Marathon Booth 613 to demo and discuss PASS Tools and Training options. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Click here More info on the
Sunshine Expo

New Resources for UST Regulations Launching Today

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Resources for UST RegulationsAfter months in the making, we are excited to unveil our new State Regulatory Resource Center, a brand new set of resources for UST regulations.

Many of you are familiar with our existing state-specific pages, but today we are improving and expanding the information we provide.

In addition to tracking regulatory departmental details and the general availability of UST Operator Training, we now provide more general information pertaining to all aspects of UST regulations, including:

  • Financial Responsibility
  • Delivery Prohibition
  • Inspection Requirements
  • Release Detection
  • Release Reporting
  • Registration and Fees

We are working to roll out pages for all US states and territories, but are excited to launch the following today:

Each page has an overview of the trainings available, links to any state-specific blogs from our blog, The PASSing Lane, and a link to the specific UST rules and regulations page for that state.

Keep an eye the blog for updates on new state pages launching as we plan to roll these out over the next few weeks. In the meantime please let us know what you think!

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