SafeSite: Inspection and Maintenance Program

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Core-logo-for-website3If you have not had your Convault or AST inspected lately, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. The increasing complexity of regulation and safety issues related to fuel storage has made it difficult for many organizations to keep up with the requirements. As a result, many sites are being fined because they do not comply with current regulations. Costly tank failures can also be caused by improper maintenance and corrosion from microogranisms found in fuel.

core-es_com_wp-content_uploads_DS-SafeSite_pdfCore Engineered Solutions’ SafeSite™ Annual Inspection and Maintenance Program can give you peace of mind. We offer customers solutions from a unique set of capabilities which brings together specialized compliance expertise, engineering know-how, the best technologies and years of experience. The outcome of this inspection will be a written summary including:

  • Test results on the presence of microorganisms
  • A preventive maintenance checklist for your system
  • Tank & equipment maintenance recommendations
  • Current compliance information
  • Potential equipment upgrades
  • A written SPCC plan (if necessary)
  • The power and flexibility of all of your data in one power platform, PASS Tools