PASS has partnered with some of the nation’s leading service and maintenance companies to provide UST inspection and consulting services across the country. These teams help ensure that your facilities are always ahead of the regulatory curve.

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Services Include

  • Automatic generation of required state and federal forms and documentation
  • Online 24/7 access to all facility inspections and data via PASS Tools
  • Monthly and/or quarterly visual inspections performed by PASS-certified inspector
    • Release Detection Equipment
    • Release Prevention Equipment
    • Fuel Dispenser/Components Inspection
    • Monitoring Equipment Inspection
    • Safety Procedures Review
    • Employee Training Review
    • Emergency Response Procedures and equipment
  • If applicable:
    • Visual Cathodic Protection equipment inspections
    • Visual Groundwater Monitoring Inspection
    • Visual Soil Vapor Monitoring Inspection
  • Inspection services also include (per facility):
    • PASS Tools software license
    • Site-specific Operations & Maintenance Plan
    • Site-specific emergency procedures and placard
    • Compliance binder

Keeping track of federal and state regulatory requirements can be difficult. In addition to knowing the rules, the logistics of inspecting and managing multiple facilities in multiple states can be downright intimidating. Enter PASS Inspection Services. Our nationwide network of certified inspectors can take that burden off of your shoulders.