green-icc-logoDo you have questions about preparing for and taking the ICC UST/AST Operator Exams? PASS has the answers!

In some states, UST/AST Class A/B operators can only be certified after passing exams offered by the International Code Council (ICC) through Pearson VUE testing centers.  PASS is the only training provider approved by the ICC to offer preparatory training for the ICC UST/AST operator exams.  These ICC preparatory courses do not include a final exam or provide certification upon completion, but they will provide you with the information and guidance you need to study and prepare for the exams.  PASS offers only ICC preparatory courses in these states (click on the state for more information):

There are also some states where PASS is approved to offer our stand-alone UST/AST Class A/B operator training course as an alternative to ICC testing. In these states, you may choose to obtain your certification by completing the PASS A/B course or by passing the ICC exams. In these states, PASS offers a choice between ICC preparatory courses OR A/B operator training with certification (click on the state for more information):

Getting ready for the ICC exam(s) is a three-step process

Step One:  Take the PASS ICC Preparatory Course

PASS is the only training provider approved by the ICC to offer preparatory training for the ICC UST/AST operator exams.  These ICC preparatory courses do not include a final exam or provide certification upon completion and is not required to take, but they will provide you with the information and guidance you need to study and prepare for the exams.

Step Two:  Read the UST/AST Examination Information Bulletin and Prepare Your Reference Materials

First, you should read the UST/AST Examination Information Bulletin.  You may also call the ICC at 1-888-ICC-SAFE (422-7233), ext. 5524 to request a paper copy of the Bulletin.

Pay particular attention to the information on your state’s exams. Specific exam information usually begins around page 24 in the Bulletin, and includes the number of exam questions, the exam fee, the type of exam, and the list of reference materials.

Most ICC UST/AST operator exams are open book, which means that you may take certain documents (called reference materials) with you into the exam room and refer to them during the exam. The ICC, however, has strict requirements about which reference materials you can take into the exam with you and in what format. PASS strongly recommends that you obtain your reference materials well in advance of taking the exam.

Which reference materials do I need? How do I get them?

The reference materials you need are listed in the UST/AST Examination Information Bulletin. They typically include the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) UST regulations (40 CFR §280), the state’s UST regulations (which usually can be found on the state UST program’s website), and one or more of the following EPA publications, any of which can be downloaded here or through a PASS ICC preparatory course.

Your reference materials list may also include publications of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI), which you must purchase through PEI’s online store.  Typically, these include PEI/RP 500 Recommended Practices for Inspection of Motor Fuel Dispensing Equipment and PEI/RP 900 Recommended Practices for Inspection and Maintenance of UST Systems.  You may also be able to purchase these bundled with your state’s other reference materials through the ICC’s online store.

How do I prepare my reference materials?

You may take only the reference materials listed in the current UST/AST Examination Information Bulletin with you into the exam. In order to be able to take them into the exam, you should prepare them as follows.

If you do not follow these steps, the Pearson Vue test center personnel will not let you take your materials into the exam room and you will not be able to use them during the exam.

  1. STAPLE OR BIND YOUR MATERIALS.  You may not take loose pages into the exam room, so we recommend that you print the reference materials and either staple them together or place them in a three-ring binder.
  2. MAKE NOTES. You may make notes in your reference materials as long as the notes are in ink and any highlighting is done before you arrive for the exam. For example, you should locate and mark in the reference materials information such as your state’s allowable release detection methods, allowable financial responsibility mechanisms, recordkeeping requirements, operator retraining requirements, etc. This will make it easier to find the information during the exam itself. PASS’ ICC preparatory courses make this easier by giving you rule citations or page numbers keyed to your reference materials.
  3. USE TABS.  You may also use tabs to mark important sections, but these tabs must be permanently attached and not be removable without damage to the page (removable post-it type tabs, for example, would not be allowed).

Step Three:  Schedule Your Exams

ICC exams are offered periodically at Pearson VUE testing centers around your state. When you are ready to take your exams, you can register online at or by calling Pearson VUE at 1-800-275-8301.

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