EPA Approves New Test Method for Sumps →

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The EPA OUST announced recently that it has approved PMAA’s low liquid level integrity test as an alternative method for containment sump testing that is required under the 2015 federal UST regulations. The 2015 regulations require liquid testing every three years of all containment sumps used for interstitial monitoring of piping. The original test method cited… Read more »

PEI RP900 Revisions Expected December 2016, Including the New Appendix D →

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PEI‘s UST System Inspection and Maintenance Committee met in Chicago at the beginning of September to discuss the revision of Recommended Practices for the Inspection and Maintenance of UST Systems, better known as  PEI RP900. Updates have been made and the revised edition is scheduled for December 2016.  This publication was listed by the EPA as a… Read more »

New Resources for UST Regulations Launching Today →

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After months in the making, we are excited to unveil our new State Regulatory Resource Center, a brand new set of resources for UST regulations. Many of you are familiar with our existing state-specific pages, but today we are improving and expanding the information we provide. In addition to tracking regulatory departmental details and the general availability of UST Operator Training,… Read more »

Wisconsin AST and UST Installer Certification Renewals →

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Attention: Wisconsin AST and UST Installers Whose Certification Expires April 30, 2016 The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection, Bureau of Weights & Measures wants to remind all Aboveground or Underground Tank Installers whose certifications expire on April 30, 2016 to renew their certification as soon as possible.  Late renewals will not be accepted…. Read more »

Importance of Walk-Through Inspections →

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PASS has been pressing the importance of walk-through inspections by trained UST operators for years.  That is why we created our powerful inspection software, PASS Tools. In the latest edition of the PEI Journal, I came across an article called “How Can My UST System Be Leaking When I Have Leak Protection?” by Brad Hoffman.  I… Read more »

Top 8 Most Common UST Violations →

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In its October 23, 2015 Weekly Bulletin, the Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association released some interesting stats regarding some of the most common UST violations experienced by their members in 2015.  Many of them are the usual suspects, but I found it interesting that three of them were actually related to Operator Training. Check it out. Release Prevention:  spill… Read more »

EPA Regulations: Spotlight on Inspections →

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Another change enacted by the EPA in the recent regulatory updates is the monthly and annual walk-through inspection requirement.  As with the new operator training requirements, owners/operators have until October 13, 2018 to comply with the inspection requirements.  Several states (California, Florida, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Utah, to name a few) already require Class A/B operators… Read more »