Attending Railsconf 2016 →

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Last week, I was lucky enough to get to attend Railsconf 2016, which was held in Kansas City this year. If you aren’t familiar, Railsconf is the world’s largest gathering of Rails developers. This is important for PASS since all of our software products are built using the Rails framework. This year there were a number of great… Read more »

Connecticut DEEP Goes Paperless With ezFile →

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Connecticut DEEP Goes Paperless The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) now requires all communication with the agency to be paperless.  Through the ezFile system, DEEP can accept annual UST Notifications and can process annual Notification fees.  You can read all about ezFile and how to use it on the DEEP’s website.  

UST Operator Certificate Verification →

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PASS Operator Certificate Verification Keeps Your Training on Track Verifying operator training certificates from different states does not have to be a major challenge.  Large companies should know that there is one national training solution that will help them keep track of training certificates across the country:  PASS. PASS introduced our Training Certificate Verification tool… Read more »

Product Sneak Peak: PASS Smart Connect →

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Our team is constantly trying to think of new ways to make our customers’ lives easier, and we’ve quietly been working away on a new one.  We call it Smart Connect. PASS Smart Connect is an internet-connected device that allows our customers to link up almost any PLC, analog sensor, control, or alarm — essentially anything that has a serial… Read more »

Working Hard to Keep Your Data Safe →

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Here at PASS we always take our customers’ privacy seriously – just take a look at my colleague’s post from last week. That being said, I wanted to take a second and quickly share an update we’ve recently put in place to help keep your information safe. As of last week, we implemented SSL on our marketing site, We’ve always used… Read more »

Reckless Approaches to ATG Security →

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One buzz word getting more and more traction these days is the Internet of Things, or more simply known as the IoT. Essentially IoT is the intersection of seemingly normal, everyday devices with the internet, smartphones, and tablets.  One example is the home thermostat that can be controlled from your smartphone, or the garage door opener that reminds you… Read more »

Buzz Words →

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Seems that terms like “Cloud,” “Internet of Things,” “SaaS,” and other forms of jargon have entered into the mainstream. Like a lot of buzzwords, the meanings can get confusing. Most companies will throw these words at you at an alarming rate with no context as to what they are trying to sell. It seems like a… Read more »