PASS Training Approved in Nebraska! →

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PASS’ UST Class A/B and Class C operator training courses have been approved by the Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s office.  Our Class A/B course is full of useful state-specific information, includes citations to the Nebraska Administrative Code and other state regulations, and contains downloadable versions of Nebraska forms, including permit to install applications, notification forms,… Read more »

Revisions to EPA UST Regulations Lead to Additional Changes →

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Forms and Publications The revisions to the EPA’s UST regulations will be published in the Federal Register soon.  You can read the regulations as they will appear in the Federal Register by clicking here.  These revisions have necessitated some changes to EPA forms and publications.  Please note that these are draft versions and final versions will follow the official Federal… Read more »

Reflexive Quizzing →

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According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, reflexive is an adjective referring to an action which is “directed or turned back on itself.”  This is the word we chose to describe the quizzing model used in our online operator training courses, thus, reflexive quizzing. When we think of a quiz, we likely think of a sheet of paper… Read more »

ICC Exam Preparation for California UST System Operators →

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PASS recently launched a new preparatory course for California UST System Operators taking the ICC exam.  Like our other ICC preparatory courses, the California course includes: Downloads of all exam reference materials which are available without purchase; Information on assembling those materials for use during the exam; and Information on scheduling the exam. In addition to… Read more »

Mississippi Compliance Managers Can Train Online With PASS →

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PASS’ UST Compliance Manager training course incorporates all of the state-specific information Compliance Managers need to know as well as citations to the relevant Mississippi UST regulations (11 Miss. Admin. Code Pt. 5).  We have also included downloadable versions of required UST forms, such as the UST Compliance Manager Registration form, the UST Operations Clerk… Read more »

Training Transparency →

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Here is a scenario with which many of us are familiar.  John needs to purchase an online UST Class A/B operator training course.  Before he commits to a purchase, he wants to find information on course content, length, testing, computer requirements, etc. John visits Company A’s website He can’t find the information he needs.  Before he can… Read more »