Mississippi Training Updated for A/B Operators →

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The state of Mississippi has approved the PASS training for A/B operators effective immediately. In Mississippi A/B operators are “Compliance Managers,” and C operators, “Clerks,” but for the purpose of the training they are designated A/B operators and C operators Due to new EPA Underground Storage Tank (UST) regulations, which go into effective Oct. 13,… Read more »

New Training Offerings in Four States – Off-Premises Alcohol Seller Training →

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Today we are excited to begin offering additional Learn2Serve off-premises alcohol seller training in conjunction with 360training.com, a cloud-based employee training/certification company based in Austin, TX. The latest courses added to our catalog cover: Indiana Montana Lexington, Kentucky Louisiana These courses teach individuals how to protect themselves and their businesses from liability; how alcohol negatively affects… Read more »

Hawaiian USTs and Volcanoes →

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Currently, there are no Underground Storage Tank (UST) facilities in the path of the fissures and lava flows from the Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island. Kilauea erupted on May 3 resulting in several homes and businesses being destroyed, and more than 2,000 residents evacuated as fissures and lava flows continue to move further into… Read more »

PASS Trainings are Being Updated to Comply With New EPA and State Regulations →

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PASS Training and Compliance is in the process of integrating new individual state Underground Storage Tank (UST) regulations with updated EPA rules. EPA rules, adopted in 2015, go into effect Oct. 13, 2018.  Individual states have completed their updates or are in the process. EPA rules stipulate that states must, at a minimum, comply with… Read more »

Tobacco Seller Training Now Available →

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PASS has recently begun to roll out new training offerings, in conjunction with 360training, an online Austin, TX, national and international employee training/certification company, starting with tobacco seller training. This course addresses tobacco regulations focusing on keeping tobacco away from minors due to health risks. This training also discusses regulatory standards, as well as laws… Read more »

Texas UST Class A/B Operator Training →

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We’ve heard some rumblings lately about a new training being available that takes two hours to complete and has no final exam, but after some research it’s nothing more than a bit of marketing hype. TCEQ doesn’t require any training provider to have a final exam, so most, including PASS, do not. Also, we aren’t… Read more »