Cold Weather Affects your Car and your UST →

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The seasons have changed and the temperature has dropped.  This change in temperature effects both the fuel consumer and the gas station that we get our fuel from.  Lets take a quick look at how it can impact both. Fuel Efficiency For fuel consumers, cold weather means waiting until the last moment to stop and get out… Read more »

Overwhelmed by Regulations? You’re not alone! →

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We’ve heard that many of our customers are overwhelmed by regulatory demands.  Right now in the UST industry, we are more heavily regulated than ever before.  PASS’ purpose, in short, is to sift through the mountain of each state’s regulations, condense that into our training and tools, and make those available at the best price.  We… Read more »

Importance of Walk-Through Inspections →

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PASS has been pressing the importance of walk-through inspections by trained UST operators for years.  That is why we created our powerful inspection software, PASS Tools. In the latest edition of the PEI Journal, I came across an article called “How Can My UST System Be Leaking When I Have Leak Protection?” by Brad Hoffman.  I… Read more »

Coming Soon to PASS Tools →

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Our team has been hard at work on some improvements to the PASS Tools inspection flow we think you’ll really like. These updates should be available to everyone here in the next few weeks. Let’s go through a quick rundown. Instant Save Soon inspection questions will be saved as soon as you select an answer. You’ll see… Read more »

Top 8 Most Common UST Violations →

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In its October 23, 2015 Weekly Bulletin, the Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association released some interesting stats regarding some of the most common UST violations experienced by their members in 2015.  Many of them are the usual suspects, but I found it interesting that three of them were actually related to Operator Training. Check it out. Release Prevention:  spill… Read more »

Customizing Your Compliance Notifications →

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Since we recently updated the notification engine inside of PASS Tools, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share all of the improvements we’ve incorporated. You can choose to receive any of the following notifications. NOVs New NOV Added NOV Resolved Overdue NOV NOV due in 7 and/or 14 days Inspections Weekly Inspection Agenda A list of all… Read more »

Updates to PASS Tools →

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Today we are excited to announce two great new features that were just introduced into PASS Tools. The first is improved inspection flow and navigation, and the second is better director management for companies. Inspection Improvements Up until now the flow of inspections were limited to one set of questions per piece of equipment, which… Read more »