The PASS Training Marketplace – Coming Soon! →

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The dev team here as PASS has been busy at work over the last year on an exciting new service we are calling the PASS Marketplace. The PASS Training Marketplace will be a new, public-facing resource that will allow customers to easily see all of the trainings that we offer, complete with overviews, chapter details, retraining requirements, and… Read more »

PASS Training Accounts Clean-Up →

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During a recent clean-up of our PASS Training accounts, we noticed quite a few duplicates, which can cause many problems for all of us. Multiple Company Accounts Sometimes students will register a company rather than logging in with their usernames and passwords, creating a second, different account for the company.  A Company account should only be registered once.  If… Read more »

Colorado UST Class A/B Operator Training Now Available →

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Good news for PASS customers with UST facilities in Colorado!   PASS is now approved to offer Colorado UST Class A/B Operator Training.  Previously, PASS had been approved to offer retraining only.  The Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety requires trainers to conduct a brief interview with A/B operators to discuss site-specific equipment and requirements prior to… Read more »

Reflexive Quizzing →

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According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, reflexive is an adjective referring to an action which is “directed or turned back on itself.”  This is the word we chose to describe the quizzing model used in our online operator training courses, thus, reflexive quizzing. When we think of a quiz, we likely think of a sheet of paper… Read more »