EPA Launches New UST Website →

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The EPA’s UST program has a new website!  The site redesign focuses on the revised UST regulations and offers helpful links to information about the new requirements.  As the new requirements go into effect, the “What’s New” box at the top of the page will be especially helpful.  This is where new information and updates will… Read more »

Online Training and LMS →

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We often hear about how online training is not as effective or isn’t doing its proper job. We have spent countless hours sifting through our own data as well as reading reports done by major universities to make sure we are following effective training practices as well as leveraging current technology that allows our students… Read more »

Tour the United States… →

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…from our website!   If you haven’t visited our state pages, here’s what you will find. Information on Class A/B and Class C operator training and certification in that state, including PASS’ approval status and any retraining requirements.  If PASS does not offer training in that state, we tell you that, too, and direct you… Read more »

7G Environmental PECaNS Sharegroup 2015 →

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Back on August 24, I had the opportunity to participate in 7G Environmental‘s Professionals of Environmental Compliance Network Southeast (PECANs) Sharegroup 2015. This share group consists of a number of different southeastern petroleum distributors, retailers, and vendors. Representatives from Franklin Fueling, Clemens Fuel Systems, ZeRust, Intellifuel, and MAS Environmental covered the gamut of compliance and equipment topics and… Read more »

Features That Make PASS Training Easy To Use →

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If you go to our website and look around for a little bit, you may notice that we talk quite a bit about making things easier.  This is not just words on a page.  We really do strive to make training and compliance easier to handle.  From our custom-built Learning Management System (LMS) to PASS Tools… Read more »

EPA Regulations: Spotlight on Inspections →

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Another change enacted by the EPA in the recent regulatory updates is the monthly and annual walk-through inspection requirement.  As with the new operator training requirements, owners/operators have until October 13, 2018 to comply with the inspection requirements.  Several states (California, Florida, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Utah, to name a few) already require Class A/B operators… Read more »

Product Sneak Peak: PASS Smart Connect →

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Our team is constantly trying to think of new ways to make our customers’ lives easier, and we’ve quietly been working away on a new one.  We call it Smart Connect. PASS Smart Connect is an internet-connected device that allows our customers to link up almost any PLC, analog sensor, control, or alarm — essentially anything that has a serial… Read more »

PASS Training Approved in Nebraska! →

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PASS’ UST Class A/B and Class C operator training courses have been approved by the Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s office.  Our Class A/B course is full of useful state-specific information, includes citations to the Nebraska Administrative Code and other state regulations, and contains downloadable versions of Nebraska forms, including permit to install applications, notification forms,… Read more »