Wyoming UST Operator Certification Requirements →

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UST Class A/B operators in Wyoming need to take and pass the appropriate International Code Council’s (ICC’s) UST/AST operator exam and then apply for a Wyoming license.  Here is what to do.    You may choose to take PASS’ Wyoming UST Class A/B Operator Training (ICC Preparatory Course) to prepare for the exam. Sign up for one of the… Read more »

Oregon UST Operator Certification Requirements →

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Class A/B operators in Oregon need to take and pass the International Code Council’s (ICC’s) national Class A and Class B operator exams.  The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), however, requires A/B operators to submit their ICC score reports and review the Oregon training manual before being fully certified. Here is what you need to do…. Read more »

North Dakota UST Operator Certification Requirements →

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A/B operators in North Dakota are not considered trained and certified by the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) until they have uploaded their certificate of training to the NDDoH website.  Here is what you need to do. Once you have completed PASS’ North Dakota Class A/B Operator Training course, save your operator training certificate to… Read more »

Minnesota UST Operator Certification Requirements →

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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) requires A/B operators to take and pass its online exam in order to be certified.  PASS’ Class A/B Operator Training (MPCA Exam Preparation) course has been approved to help A/B operators prepare for the exam.  Successfully completing the PASS course will not provide you with A/B certification.  Here is what you need… Read more »

Colorado UST Operator Certification Requirements →

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PASS’ UST Class A/B operator training course is approved by the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS).  If you take and complete this course, however, you should be aware that the OPS requires A/B operators to discuss the specific equipment at their facility with their operator training provider in order to receive an A/B certificate.  Here is… Read more »

West Virginia UST and AST Operator Training and Compliance News →

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Good News for West Virginia UST and AST Operators! PASS’ West Virginia UST and AST Operator training courses have recently been reviewed and reapproved by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP).  With the reapproval date approaching, we took the opportunity to substantially revise both of these courses.  In particular, the new West Virginia Class… Read more »

End of Life for Internet Explorer →

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End of life for Internet Explorer! Long live modern browsing! Microsoft is finally ending support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 on January 12th, and releasing just one final patch while asking users to upgrade to either IE 11 or Microsoft Edge. End of support means that Microsoft will no longer supply updates for these versions of their browser…. Read more »

UST Program Facts – Looking Back, Looking Ahead →

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Looking Back Every December, the EPA publishes its UST Program Facts, a short summary of UST statistics compiled through September of that year.  Information includes the number of active USTs in the United States, percentages of significant operational compliance (SOC) with UST requirements, number of releases confirmed, and number of clean-ups completed.  I thought it would… Read more »

Remembering Pearl Harbor 74 Years Later →

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On December 7, 1941, my parents were still in elementary school when the attack on Pearl Harbor happened and the United States was poised to enter World War II.  Yet even though I was probably not even a thought on the distant horizon, and wouldn’t be born for another 27 years, I still think about… Read more »

Musts for USTs Revised for 2015 →

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The New Version of Musts for USTs is Here! Anyone who owns or operates a UST system has probably used or referred to the EPA publication Musts for USTs at least once.  If you have taken an ICC exam for Class A and Class B certification, you most likely used this resource as part of your reference… Read more »