Features That Make PASS Training Easy To Use

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If you go to our website and look around for a little bit, you may notice that we talk quite a bit about making things easier.  This is not just words on a page.  We really do strive to make training and compliance easier to handle.  From our custom-built Learning Management System (LMS) to PASS Tools… Read more »

EPA Regulations: Spotlight on Inspections

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Another change enacted by the EPA in the recent regulatory updates is the monthly and annual walk-through inspection requirement.  As with the new operator training requirements, owners/operators have until October 13, 2018 to comply with the inspection requirements.  Several states (California, Florida, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Utah, to name a few) already require Class A/B operators… Read more »

PASS Training Approved in Nebraska!

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PASS’ UST Class A/B and Class C operator training courses have been approved by the Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s office.  Our Class A/B course is full of useful state-specific information, includes citations to the Nebraska Administrative Code and other state regulations, and contains downloadable versions of Nebraska forms, including permit to install applications, notification forms,… Read more »

Navigating the Updated UST Regulations

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With the final updated UST regulations scheduled to be published in the Federal Register this month, there’s a lot of discussion on the internet about what is in the updated regulations and what they mean for those of us in the petroleum industry.  One of the most cogent and helpful discussions out there is by Robert Renkes,… Read more »

Revisions to EPA UST Regulations Lead to Additional Changes

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Forms and Publications The revisions to the EPA’s UST regulations will be published in the Federal Register soon.  You can read the regulations as they will appear in the Federal Register by clicking here.  These revisions have necessitated some changes to EPA forms and publications.  Please note that these are draft versions and final versions will follow the official Federal… Read more »