UST Program Facts – Looking Back, Looking Ahead

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Looking Back Every December, the EPA publishes its UST Program Facts, a short summary of UST statistics compiled through September of that year.  Information includes the number of active USTs in the United States, percentages of significant operational compliance (SOC) with UST requirements, number of releases confirmed, and number of clean-ups completed.  I thought it would… Read more »

Colorado UST Class A/B Operator Training Now Available

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Good news for PASS customers with UST facilities in Colorado!   PASS is now approved to offer Colorado UST Class A/B Operator Training.  Previously, PASS had been approved to offer retraining only.  The Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety requires trainers to conduct a brief interview with A/B operators to discuss site-specific equipment and requirements prior to… Read more »

Hawai’i UST Operator Retraining Season

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Hawaii’s operator training regulations went into effect December 9th, 2013 and that means it is time for many Class C Operators to retrain.  The Hawai`i Department of Health – Solid & Hazardous Waste Branch requires that Class C Operators be retrained annually.  If you previously took your training with us, you will start receiving email… Read more »

Remembering Pearl Harbor 74 Years Later

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On December 7, 1941, my parents were still in elementary school when the attack on Pearl Harbor happened and the United States was poised to enter World War II.  Yet even though I was probably not even a thought on the distant horizon, and wouldn’t be born for another 27 years, I still think about… Read more »

Musts for USTs Revised for 2015

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The New Version of Musts for USTs is Here! Anyone who owns or operates a UST system has probably used or referred to the EPA publication Musts for USTs at least once.  If you have taken an ICC exam for Class A and Class B certification, you most likely used this resource as part of your reference… Read more »

New York UST Regulations

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New York’s UST regulations were finalized on October 11, 2015.  The regulations require all Class A, Class B, and Class C operators in New York to be trained by Class A and Class B operators are certified after taking and completing the Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC’s) exam, which is offered online or in-person (in-person… Read more »

PEI/NACS Show 2015 Recap

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Yet another successful PEI/NACS Show has come and gone, and we here at PASS are currently in unpacking mode. PASS teamed up with MyTankInfo at this year’s NACS show to deliver best-in-class ATG monitoring and compliance software along with the most used UST operator training in the industry. PASS participated in industry receptions and held several… Read more »

Cleanliness and Customer Satisfaction

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In the business world, customer perception of a company is a big deal.  This is definitely true  in the competitive convenience store market.  If a customer is unhappy with your facility, he or she can just go to the next store down the block.  Studies done on the convenience store industry show that cleanliness is… Read more »

Minnesota Proposed Rule Changes

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The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is moving forward with revisions to its UST regulations.  Some of the proposed changes to UST rules include: adding secondary containment requirements for new and replaced tanks and piping; adding operator training requirements for UST system owners and operators; adding periodic operation and maintenance requirements for UST systems; removing… Read more »