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PASS Training & Compliance is recommending SIR as a backup system to reach compliance, according to Steve Roy, TotalSir. “If you want consistent and low-cost leak detection, SIR as a secondary reporting system is the way to go.”

It cuts across state lines for companies that are in several geographic regions and is a reliable source of reporting, Raymond Rees, PASS COO, said.

Federal and state regulations require that all underground tanks meet monthly monitoring requirements. Ninety-nine percent of all tank owners meet requirements in one of two ways:

  • Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG)
  • Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)

ATG’s monitor tanks, and sometimes fuel lines.  This system conducts tests during the month to determine if the tank is leaking. There are a number of factors that can lead an ATG fail, an, are costly. Low-volume in a high throughput probe malfunction is one example.

SIR programs analyze monthly inventory data to find leaks or losses in the fuel delivery system or through the dispenser. The most common reason for a SIR to fail is poor inventory reporting. Accurate inventory is essential, and easy to do.

Why use SIR as Primary Compliance?

 A large number of multi-site C-store chains choose SIR as their leak detection method, for multiple reasons:

  • Uniform Compliance: Stores have various brands/models of ATG’s. SIR gives these companies a uniform compliance program.
  • Low Cost: SIR requires no capital investment with service provided at a low monthly fee
  • No extra work required: SIR use inventory data already available.
  • ATG’s fail monthly leak detection without notice. SIR has no moving parts that can fail and only requires reliable inventory data.
  • SIR tracks fuel from delivery to the dispenser, alerting management to leaks and losses, which can occur from meter drift, blenders settings, theft, or short deliveries.

SIR for backup Leak Detection Compliance

 For those who want to use ATG for primary leak detection, TotalSIR can serve as a backup.

  • If your ATG fails, many states allow a passing SIR report to be submitted in lieu of a tank tightness test, saving time and money.
  • Since SIR tracks fuel from delivery to the dispenser, it alerts management to leaks and losses.
  • Having a backup demonstrates to insurance companies, government regulators, your commitment to protecting the environment.
  • It makes sense to have low -cost backup.

PASS is partnering up with TotalSir to include SIR in PASS Tools. Interested in more information contact PASS
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