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Texas UST Class A/B Operator TrainingWe’ve heard some rumblings lately about a new training being available that takes two hours to complete and has no final exam, but after some research it’s nothing more than a bit of marketing hype.

TCEQ doesn’t require any training provider to have a final exam, so most, including PASS, do not.

Also, we aren’t sure that bragging about course length is necessarily a good thing. We all know that time is valuable, but to hang your hat on the fact that your content is short isn’t necessarily a good thing, and can actually be an indicator that your content comes up a bit short.

At PASS we strive to come up with the right balance of delivering all of the necessary content, while still respecting the learner’s time. We’ve also created features like automatic bookmarking, 24/7 access, and a mobile friendly app that lets our customers train at the time that’s most convenient for their schedule.

This is also a great opportunity to point out our reviews feature, which currently ranks our Texas A/B course at 4.5 stars.


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