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Straight Talk on TanksThe EPA has just released a new edition of its publication Release Detection for Underground Storage Tanks and Piping:  Straight Talk on Tanks.  More commonly known as Straight Talk on Tanks, this May 2016 update incorporates information and requirements from the 2015 revised federal UST regulations.

One immediately apparent change from the September 1997 version is the use of the term “release detection” in place of “leak detection,” presumably to align the current edition more closely with the language found in the updated regulations.  On page 3, the EPA clarifies this change, emphasizing that “a release always reaches the environment” while “regulated substances entering into the interstitial space are leaks instead of releases.”

As with the 1997 edition, the revised Straight Talk on Tanks contains detailed information about each method of release detection and its associated requirements.  The 2016 edition includes information on Continuous In-Tank Leak Detection (CITLD) and Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR), which were included in the federal regulations in 2015.  The publication also highlights the necessity of retaining site assessment records for facilities using vapor monitoring or groundwater monitoring.

With all of these changes, being proactive and organized with your facility operation, maintenance, and recordkeeping responsibilities is more important than ever.  Just remember that PASS Tools can help!
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