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Illinois UST Operator Training EnforcementNew Illinois UST operator training enforcement begins April 1, 2016

In its October 23, 2015 Weekly Bulletin, the Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association/Illinois Association of C-Stores (IPMA/IACS) released some interesting stats regarding some of the most common violations experienced by their members in 2015.  We posted about it here.  Since then, Illinois UST operator training enforcement has become a serious priority.

Inspectors from the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM) report troubling compliance violations at gasoline dispensing facilities throughout the state.   Examples include:

  • A station with one attendant on duty who is not a certified UST operator and knows nothing about operator training; and
  • Stations without a designated and trained A/B operator, meaning monthly recordkeeping, required quarterly inspections, and annual maintenance are being neglected.

In response, OSFM inspectors will begin issuing Operator Certification Notices of Violation (NOVs) for these violations starting April 1, 2016 (originally March 21, 2016).  In addition to the Operator Certification NOV, the inspector will immediately red tag the station’s tanks and will not remove the red tags until A, B, and C operators have been trained and certified as required by law.  This will cost station owners time and money as a red-tagged facility may not receive fuel deliveries or dispense fuel to customers.  In effect, a red-tagged facility will be closed until operator training requirements have been met.

If your facility does not have trained and certified UST operators, the time to act is now––and PASS offers the solution.  In addition to being cost-effective, PASS’ UST Class A/B and Class C operator training courses:

  • Are approved by the OSFM;
  • Offer full coverage of federal and Illinois-specific regulations and requirements;
  • Are available online any time;
  • Can be completed in one session or stopped and restarted as needed; and
  • Require only an internet-connected device to use them, with no special software to purchase or install.

It really couldn’t be easier to register, pay for, and begin taking a PASS UST operator training course.  I strongly recommend to all of you to do this (if you haven’t already) well before April 1, 2016 and save yourselves the stress of NOVs, red tags, and lost revenue.

IPMA/IACS partners with PASS to offer UST operator training at a discounted rate to its membership.

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