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If you haven’t visited our state pages, here’s what you will find.

  1. Information on Class A/B and Class C operator training and certification in that state, including PASS’ approval status and any retraining requirements.  If PASS does not offer training in that state, we tell you that, too, and direct you to the appropriate website for more information.
  2. PASS’ latest blog posts about that state
  3. Information on the state implementing agency
  4. A quick look at PASS’ training offerings in that state, including current prices
  5. Click on UST Operator Training and you will see general information about PASS’ learning management system (LMS) followed by course descriptions for the courses PASS offers.
  6. Click on Inspections & Compliance Management and you will see information about required facility inspections and frequency of state implementing agency inspections.
  7. Click on C-Store Essentials for information on PASS’ series of useful training videos

We continually update the information on these pages as new trainings become available or new requirements go into effect.

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