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Today, I’m excited to announce a new feature coming very soon to all of our PASS Training customers.  Soon you will be able to deliver our training content through your company’s existing Learning Management System!

With the help of a widely-used standard called AICC, we will be delivering our content directly to third party LMSs. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect.

  • Always Up-to-Date Content
    • The content delivered to your LMS will be served live, directly from the source.  That way whenever we refresh our content, you’ll automatically have it!  No need to reload training packages.
  • Instant Results
    • The technology we are using allows us to report training results back to your LMS, eliminating the need to manually review results or update them by hand.
  • One Place for All of your Trainings
    • The rollout of this feature allows our customers to add our content directly into the systems they already use for other types of training, while still allowing us to keep track of who we’ve trained for recordkeeping purposes.
  • Convenient, Detailed Monthly Billing
    • Receive an invoice at the end of every month that includes the name and facility of every person trained, as well as what training was purchased, making it easy to turn into Accounts Payable.

We have already been testing this feature with a few select customers over the past two months and have been very happy with the progress.  Look for the official rollout to all customers in the upcoming months, and please email me if you are interested in joining our beta test.

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