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EPAForms and Publications

The revisions to the EPA’s UST regulations will be published in the Federal Register soon.  You can read the regulations as they will appear in the Federal Register by clicking here.  These revisions have necessitated some changes to EPA forms and publications.  Please note that these are draft versions and final versions will follow the official Federal Register publication.

spa-map-05.19.15State Program Approval (SPA)

The revised UST regulations will also bring changes to the state program approval (SPA) process.  States which currently have SPA have three years from the effective date of the new rules to reapply for SPA status.  Owners/operators in states and territories without SPA will need to meet the federal requirements according to the schedule in the revised regulations and continue to meet their state’s/territory’s requirements.  Owners/operators in Indian country should follow the compliance schedule in the revised regulations.