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add-onsMany of you have probably noticed that when you are creating an order for a training course, there is a category called UST Operator Training – Marina and Non-Retail Add-Ons.  Maybe you have wondered what they were for.  I know I have received a few calls from curious customers wondering what those are all about.  So, I just want to take a second and explain the purpose of these courses.

First off, these courses are NOT required by any state and they are meant to be taken in addition to a standard UST operator course!  These add-ons were put together by us because we saw that the standard UST operator courses are geared towards a convenience store type facility.  While this is a large portion of UST facilities, there are other types of facilities with unique equipment and procedures and that is where these add-on courses come in.

The marina add-ons are for, you guessed it, marina UST facilities!  They cover requirements and components unique to marina facilities.  These include docks, marina dispensers, and marina piping.  Spill clean-up procedures and U.S. Coast Guard reporting requirements are also covered.

The non-retail add-on courses are for facilities that store and dispense fuel but do not sell it to the general public.  Examples of non-retail fueling facilities include:

  • Trucking companies
  • Municipalities
  • Bus barns
  • Hospitals

  • Rental car companies
  • Military bases
  • Taxi companies

The non-retail add-on courses cover requirements and components that are unique to most non-retail facilities. These include fuel types, cardlocked dispensers, satellite dispensers, and fire suppression systems, among others.

As always, if you have any questions about our courses or services just give us a call at 866-735-0201 or email us at!