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cloud-computingIn our industry, compliance is just one facet of our day-to-day operations. With the high-paced demands that running a business entails, keeping up with compliance is becoming more difficult.  Enter the need for compliance cloud computing.

The costs of cloud computing, along with the convenience and availability it brings, are leading to more and more people and corporations leveraging the cloud’s potential.  Advancements in security and the ingenuity of RESTful API’s have brought about not only the interconnection of software systems in the cloud, but now the interconnection of hardware, coined the Internet of Things or “IOT.”

Only 35% of the value from workloads in the cloud is being realized, leaving 65% of their value untapped.

There are several factors that are preventing the full adoption of the cloud.  2015 has already seen a rise in adoption.  Many enterprise IT teams are taking the reins to implement cloud-friendly architectures that leverage these API’s.  82% of enterprises have adopted this hybrid cloud strategy, which is up from 74% just last year.

PASS offers complete cloud-based management tools but has also made it easy to adopt this hybrid cloud strategy.  Contact PASS today to see how we can integrate our award-winning software into your system, whether by linking our LMS via AICC, SCORM or TIN CAN API or feeding compliance, inspection results and documentation to your management system.

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