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As some of you may remember from our newsletter, a few months ago we launched the PASS Support Forum.  Since then, many new help guides have been added, but the trouble was that these guides were not very visible or accessible from the PASS LMS. That has all changed now and the Support Forum is just a click away! All users can now access it by clicking “Support” in the top blue bar on the screen.

Support button at top

Company and Facility Users also have a Support button in the left side column on their dashboard page.

Support Buttons

If you are not familiar with the PASS Support Forum, you can check out my earlier article about it here. We currently have 13 step-by-step help guides for some of our most commonly asked questions and will continue to add more titles in the future. If you do not find a guide for your particular issue, send us a support email or just give us a call!